Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Aims and Goals

Well there was no update yesterday, why? Because I was feeling the most unmotivated I’d felt in who knows how long, so basically I didn’t get anything done, didn’t get no exercise done I just sat around all day, which really made me feel like something a dog would excrete (to put it in the nicest way possible).

I didn’t manage to sort out my goals and aims that I was going to do, which made me feel even worse, I didn’t even manage to get out of my house to hand in the job application form that I needed to do, so yeah, yesterday was a complete waste of my day to be perfectly honest.

But this post is mainly to show I’m not giving up on this blog after the first post, and also to put down some aims and goals for myself to achieve you and people reading to see what I am trying to get.

Long Term Goals (6 Weeks)
• Complete the 100 Push Up Challenge and manage 100 push ups.
• See a slightly noticeable difference in my muscle tone.

Weekly Goals
• Do cardio work for 30 minutes or more 4 times a week.
• Complete each Push Up Challenge workout effectively.
• Drink no more than 3 units of alcohol a week.

They may seem simple but I feel I can achieve them, so I’m going to stick with them instead of trying to achieve goals that are far beyond my reach. I’ve decided to drink less alcohol because I’m afraid to say that I do drink too much of it, I wouldn’t class myself as overly drinking it but I do enjoy going out on the weekends and drinking, so I think I need to change this to help achieve my long term goals.

Anyway, I’ll be updating tonight after the day has been completed, thanks for reading.

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