Saturday, 26 July 2008

Friday and Saturday - Week 1

Friday was a fairly good day to be honest, well … okay, no it wasn’t but in terms of the push up challenge it was good. I found it very hard though, but I felt so pleased with myself once I’d finished the last set of the day, and of the week as well, I actually completed the first week, go me! Anyway, I had 5 levels, with reps of 15, 13, 10, 10 and max respectively. I managed to get 17 on the max with the minimum being 15. Although after this I did collapse to the floor face first and didn’t move for at least 5 minutes, but who cares!? I done it!

So yeah, that was Friday. This weekend I’m just trying to figure out ways of keeping myself motivated and also trying to decide on what I actually want to introduce to week 2. Obviously I’m going to stick with the push up challenge (need to print week 2 out tomorrow), but I want to involve more cardio work as well so I can then attempt to lose the fat that is hanging around my stomach and other areas.

I’ve also decided, on Monday, that I will get up and measure the size of different areas of my body, then check this after week 3 to see the difference, then week 5 and then week 6 again. I’ll probably measure the size of my arms, chest, stomach (around the belly button area), quads and my calves as well. This way I have a measureable way to see if I have achieved my goals, because unfortunately being a man I find it against my nature to use a set of scales, I’m sorry but they seem girlish to me.

Anyway, tomorrow, I’ve got a football game (6-a-side) at 7, so that’ll be my main exercise tomorrow. And hopefully I’ll be able to sort out week 2 in advance to see if I can improve my workload even more.

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