Thursday, 24 July 2008

Day 3 - 23rd July 08

This post is late because last night I didn’t really feel like getting onto the laptop and writing this up, so I thought to leave it and do it today, which is what I’ve done.

Yesterday I done the push up challenge, for the Wednesday of the first week and I had to do 5 sets of 12, 12, 10, 10, then as many as possible but at least 10 (which I managed to do 14). This was probably the hardest thing I have done in months, it took a lot of motivation from within myself to get the last two sets out, because my arms were just screaming in protest and I was forcing myself to get it done, but it was a great feeling once I managed to get through it. I was feeling it a bit this morning, mainly around my arms but its all good now! And I am actually looking forward to finishing the first week tomorrow.

I also had football training yesterday (soccer to the Americans reading this) which was quite a good workout in my opinion, included basically a fartlek training session by playing a game. I say it was more of a fartlek training session because I was constantly changing the speed I was moving, as I was always moving but at some points I was sprinting, others I was jogging, then it’d change to me walking then running faster so it was changing around a lot. The weather wasn’t really that good though, well, for sunbathing it would’ve been alright but for running around it was bad, I drank around 2 litres of water during the training which lasted around an hour and a half.

That was pretty much my exercise for yesterday, I’ll try and write up tonight what I done today but if not it’ll be up tomorrow, possibly with tomorrows write up as well.

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